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Jenna Dewan: Relaxed about fashion

Jenna Dewan believes "less is more" when it comes to styling.

The stunning actress is often spotted out-and-about on the red carpet with her husband Channing Tatum.

Jenna likes to take a subtle approach when it comes to her fashion and beauty choices ahead of industry events.

"I'm a 'less is more' type of girl," she explained in an interview with People.

"I only go to the events and the parties that I really, really want to go to, and I have a really great stylist that I work with, and that's how I go about it.

"I find something that fits, that feels comfortable and feels nice. And I go from there."

Despite her no-nonsense approach to style, Jenna still likes to experiment. The 31-year-old star chooses pieces that appeal to her playful nature.

"Anything that has a little bit of flirtiness, some sex appeal to it, then that's what I go to. I try and switch it up - I get really bored easily," she said.

"I feel like I'm changing my hair every two weeks, and that's something that has to stop. I feel like I'm in the salon every two weeks.

"I like to try new trends and see what happens."

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