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Jenna Lyons: Outfits don't have to be perfect

Jenna Lyons believes the secret to effortless style is imperfection.

The creative director of J. Crew told PopSugar TV that when putting an outfit together there is no need to have everything 100 per cent right.

In fact, Jenna's advice is to go for a mismatched style and make sure that everything is not too well suited.

"I think to me there's always got to be something that sort of turns it off," she shared. "Meaning, if everything's shiny, there has to be something that feels a little casual, or something has to be a little messy.

"Things can't always be perfect, not everything can be buttoned, you know, there's got to be something that turns it on its head."

Jenna is not jaded where fashion is concerned and has a huge wardrobe.

"I am actually a little bit of a clothes horse," she admitted. "I love clothes, I love shopping. I have a huge array of everything from shoes to pants to shirts.

"I don't discriminate - I shop heavily across all categories!"

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