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Jennifer Aniston: 'I can't follow hair trends'

Jennifer Aniston wishes the trend for dying hair pink and green would disappear.

Former Friends actress Jennifer Aniston struggles to follow hair trends, despite inspiring a whole generation with her highly sought-after 'Rachel' hairstyle in the Nineties.

The 47-year-old sported the famous layered look in the first two series of the classic sitcom, before embracing a longer layered style.

Despite once chopping it all off into a short bob towards the end of the show's run, Jennifer has stuck to a tried and tested look for her tresses and she feels unable to deviate from it.

"I love a cut from afar, but I'm pretty classic and like to stick to what feels good for me," she explained to "I don't usually follow hair trends. I wish I could, but I always feel like I'm trying to be something I'm not. I love seeing these '70s shags, though. They're all super cute! And I always love a good highlighted head of hair."

Jennifer embraces a sunkissed, blonde highlighted look, but would never consider dying her hair a more wacky colour.

"Pink and green hair could go away," she laughed when asked about her least favourite hair trends. "I don't understand that to be honest, especially the green!"

Pet peeves aside, Jennifer was more than happy to share some of her top hair tips with the outlet, imparting some words of wisdom which she learned from her longtime hairdresser and friend, Chris McMillan.

"His big advice is the less you mess with your hair, the better," she said. "Less is more, don't touch it, don't wash it every day, and just let it be. That way, it saves up your hair's energy for when you have to go to work and be on camera and put it under the hot lights and driers and rollers. It's really just about doing less and using good products to maintain its health."

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