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Jennifer Aniston 'invests in sexy wardrobe'

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly splashed out on a sexier bedroom wardrobe in order to keep the passion alive in her relationship.

The stunning actress has been dating Justin Theroux since earlier this year, after they meet on the set of movie Wanderlust.

To ensure that their love life is kept exciting, Jennifer has reportedly spent more than $22,000 on sexy lingerie at Agent Provocateur in Los Angeles.

She apparently bought corsets, fishnets and leather bras last month, In Touch claims.

"Jen would usually wear an old T-shirt and boxer shorts to bed," a friend claimed, but she's now decided to mix it up a little bit to keep the passion going in the relationship.

It's also been reported that Jennifer is worried about the weight she has put on recently, and is keen to slim down.

The 42-year-old star admitted she has put on a few pounds as a result of giving up smoking.

During a trip to Madeo restaurant with Justin, Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie recently, Jennifer apparently pushed around a plate of broccoli while everyone else tucked into the Italian restaurant's famous pasta dishes.

"[Justin] tried to spoon-feed Jen some of his pasta in a creamy white sauce," a fellow diner told Life & Style magazine. "But after he tried a few times, she said, 'No thanks, I'm OK.' Later, Adam ordered tiramisu for dessert, but Jen had only espresso.

"She was really dejected when she went out in a low-cut dress recently and everyone said she'd gained weight," a pal said. "It upset her."

Jennifer apparently stopped counting calories recently for the first time in ages. Friends of the beauty say she relaxed her diet after meeting Justin.

"Jen indulged in pastas and tacos and didn't really care what she was eating," her friend added. "Because she was focusing on her love life."

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