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Jennifer Aniston loves feel good products

Jennifer Aniston hopes to branch out into more product lines "that make girls feel good".

The actress became co-owner of hair care brand Living Proof last year, in a role that sees her help develop products as well as promote the line.

The star has more projects in mind for her entrepreneurial wish list, such as branching into skincare and fashion.

“Oh my god, there are endless things. I love skin, I love clothing - things that make girls feel good,” Jennifer revealed to WWD. “When you’re selling something for someone else, you look at it and say, ‘I could make this, I’ve tailored all of these clothes.’”

The star is known for her shiny tresses and making a layered hairstyle famous during her time on popular TV show Friends.

Ironically Jennifer says her hair has always been a struggle for her, noting that Living Proof products solved her hair issues.

“I have wavy, frizzy hair,” she explained. “Who wants to be a part of a product you don’t believe in or don’t really use? When it actually lived up to what I was saying, I was really sold and excited, because I feel like I have something to share with people that’s actually not going to fail on you in a month or two.”

One new product due for release this week is Satin, a serum that smoothes hair but doesn’t weigh it down. Jennifer explained how their collaboration on this product, and future releases, came about.

“We all want to find something great that will solve our frizzy problems, our flat problems, our damage problems,” Jennifer explained. “[Living Proof is] new, they’re still growing and they’re excited. It was fun to merge with them on that level and be a part of what it’s eventually going to become. I was looking at these girls who were not loving their hair, and I’m thinking, ‘You have beautiful hair!’ It’s always funny, our perspective of ourselves and how incorrect it usually is. We always seem to want something we don’t have. And it’s a shame, because there’s so much beauty to be appreciated in the world. We spend so much time not loving what we’ve been given and trying to make it look different.”

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