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Jennifer Aniston loves haircare collab

Jennifer Aniston believes haircare brand Living Proof "lives up to its name".

The 45-year-old actress has been the co-owner of the of the Boston-based haircare brand since 2012. Her role in the company involves overseeing brand development and creative marketing direction for its products, as well as collaborating with scientists to develop new potions.

Jennifer loves getting stuck into the job and watching her hard work pay off.

“It’s a wonderful product line that I believe in and which makes a difference to so many people - it lives up to its name,” she told WWD. “And it’s fun to be involved creatively from concept to execution, sharing my ideas. After spending 25-plus years in make-up and hair, you learn what works and what doesn’t work, what damages your hair - what you have to mix five products together to achieve. And [in my Living Proof] role I have all these men in white lab coats where I can throw out ideas.”

The star also explained how she was determined to become a partner in Living Proof rather than just the face. It has enabled her to put her love of beauty to good use and improve the quality of her own hair after finding it hard work when younger.

“[My Living Proof experience is] like me evolving from simply an actor for hire to producing and directing. You have the ability to be part of something from the ground up. I geeked out at the MIT labs," she smiled.

"[I] hated [my hair growing up]. I always had problem hair. But I sat in enough chairs of these amazing creators and learned how to manage it.”

Jennifer's first products for the company, which she worked on in her role as co-owner, are the newly released Perfect Hair Day range. Jill Beraud, the company's chief executive officer, is thrilled the actress has put Living Proof's name into the spotlight.

“Our biggest challenge when I joined the company was how to make it better-known,” she said. “Obviously, with Jennifer’s iconic status, she put a spotlight on the brand. And we didn’t just want a spokesperson. What we love about Jen is that she’s so entrepreneurial and she’s a great collaborator, so we had the same goals. She has amazing product ideas and suggestions about marketing and package design."

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