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Jennifer Aniston: ‘Perfume shouldn’t overpower’

Jennifer Aniston credits her father and grandmother for her amazing skin.

Jennifer Aniston would never let a perfume wear her.

As well as a successful acting career, which has seen the 47-year-old win a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award, Jennifer has also dipped her toes into the beauty arena. She recently launched her third fragrance, Near Dusk, and was happy to share her top scent advice during a recent chat with Britain’s Glamour Magazine.

“The main thing is never having the perfume wear you. Don't pick something you feel is too strong for you and don't wear too much,” she listed. “Some people douse themselves in it - you want to wear a perfume and create moments with it, rather than, you know, walk into an elevator and gag from overload. Just wear it for yourself, a little behind the ear, nothing overpowering.”

Jennifer’s new fragrance has notes of nectarine, coconut and musk, and perfectly encapsulated the smells of summer.

Asked what she loves most about the scent, the former Friends star explained it’s the process of making it that really gets her juices flowing.

Meanwhile, on the subject of her glowing complexion, the actress credits her father and grandmother for passing on their “beautiful skin” genes.

“I've always been very mindful of taking care of my skin,” she added. “I always wash it properly, drink lots and lots of water and I really believe that what you put inside your body reflects through your skin

“I remember during my teenage years and even in my twenties, I kind of thought I was invincible, as you do at that age, and could eat all the c**p in the world but it affected my skin. I had a few more blemishes and sometimes an uneven tone, but now I take care of it. It changes as you get older and evolves and you need to progress your regime with time.”

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