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Jennifer Aniston's life lessons on beauty

Jennifer Aniston is getting more confident about her looks with as she gets older.

Jennifer Aniston thinks youth is "wasted" on the young.

The American actress continues to look amazing at 47, thanks to her beauty outlook. For Jennifer, feeling good about herself is the most important part of being attractive, and that has only improved over time.

"I'm pretty confident," she told Britain's Look magazine. "It's just age and beauty. Beauty reflects confidence and keeps it going, you know? I guess you reach a point of peace with it all.

"My confidence has definitely built up (over the years). I think youth is wasted on the young. We don't do all the right things - like, in your twenties (not) taking care of your skin or not treating it right or wearing enough sunscreen."

Jennifer uses Sundays as her at-home 'spa days', treating herself to a face mask and treatments to maintain her stunning complexion. Beauty sleep plays a big part in this too, as does drinking plenty of water.

With her experience in the world of beauty, the former Friends star has launched three perfumes, her latest called Near Dusk. Made up of soft coconut and vanilla undertones, it makes an ideal summer fragrance, and was created with the help of her friends.

"My own nose really is my best bet then I guess (it's) my girlfriends," she said of the finished scent. "I have lots of tester bottles around and I'm always putting them under their noses and being like: 'Smell this.' Plus they have these great people. I just take in my inspiration and they have a 'nose' - as they call those fragrance types ' and they work their magic."

For Jennifer, applying perfume is the last stage of putting an outfit together. If she forgets a spritz, she has to go back and apply some before heading out of the house.

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