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Jennifer Aniston's Mohawk mare

Jennifer Aniston thinks the whole of the 80s was a beauty mistake.

The 45-year-old actress was at one point as famous for her hair as she was her career, thanks to the iconic 'Rachel' layered cut she sported in Friends. She's since called the look one of the "ugliest" hairstyles she's ever seen, but it's certainly not the worst she's ever had.

"Mini Mohawk, when I was 14," she laughed to Allure magazine, when asked about her beauty faux pas. "And the worst make-up mistake was the 80s. That was all a mistake."

Although Jennifer sports sleek, straight, hair most of the time, her tresses are naturally curly. That's one of the reasons why she is the co-owner of haircare brand Living Proof. She's proud of her involvement because the firm puts a lot of money into research to ensure their offerings really work, something Jennifer knows is vital.

"I mean, the amount of c**p that I've had to load up, layering different products and going down to the ocean and getting some water bottles filled with beach water [to spray on it]. That would work. But how often are you near a beach?... It's nice to let it go raw and animal. You just have to find the right product," she said.

"It's nice when something works and does what it says it's going to do. A bad-hair day really can set you off on the wrong foot, as can many other things, but it's nice when you get the good hair down, because that way you can focus on all the other things that are going wrong."

Jennifer has learnt how to cope with her unruly locks over the years, offering the titbit that those who are curly should braid their hair at night when it's wet.

The star also took part in a quick fire round of questions, including whether there is a beauty routine she wouldn't like her fiancé Justin Theroux to witness her doing. The star insists there is nothing that fits the bill, and Justin doesn't hide anything from her either. The pair even do face masks together.

"We switch around. We do Cellcosmet [masks every Sunday]," she laughed. "It's adorable. But he's honestly so comfortable in his masculinity. As opposed to some guys, who would never -"

Justin interrupted: "Ride that line."

"You do, you ride the line babe," Jennifer added.

"'Babe, we gotta do our masks.' I never do that," Justin clarified.

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