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Jennifer Aniston's puppy 'raids her closets'

Jennifer Aniston's new puppy has eaten three pairs of her shoes.

The Hollywood star and her partner Justin Theroux adopted pit bull mix Sophie several weeks ago. While they are thrilled with the new addition to their family, the pooch has caused problems when it comes to Jennifer's wardrobe.

"Sophie has been raiding Jen's closets for her Jimmy Choos and is entertained for hours by them. But by the time the pooch is finished with the footwear, it's completely unrecognisable," a source told National Enquirer.

"So far, Sophie has gnawed her way through three pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes, which Jen estimates cost around $3,000."

Although the star understands it's not Sophie's fault, she has taken steps to protect her shoes. Jennifer apparently asked her assistant to stock up on cheap shoes, but Sophie wasn't interested.

She has now taken other action to ease the situation - asking her friends to donate unwanted designer boots and sandals.

"Jennifer has been joking with her friends that Sophie has expensive tastes in shoes like her mama," the source laughed.

"She's desperately looking for other Choos for her pup to chew!"

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