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Jennifer Coolidge: I love hot character

Jennifer Coolidge appreciates playing an "attractive" person on the big screen, as she normally has to settle for being "very damaged or insane".

The 48-year-old actress is best known for playing sexy 'Stifler's Mom' in the American Pie film franchise. Her character is lusted after by many of the younger male characters in the movie series - which has resulted in art imitating life.

Jennifer is regularly shouted at in the street by teenage boys, who claim she is a "MILF" - an acronym meaning a sexually attractive mother.

Jennifer appreciates the compliments.

"You have to realise, I don't get to play attractive people much," she told Stylist magazine. "I always play someone who's a loser or very damaged or insane.

"The only drawback of being Stifler's Mom is that, when you're not done up, it's just a big disappointment for people. When I'm hiking with my dogs and my hair is slicked back, sometimes I'll hear someone say, 'That can't be her.'"

Jennifer knows how important it is to be considered beautiful in Hollywood. The star thinks women need to offer more than just good looks though.

"Hollywood is all about being young and hot," she explained.

"I mean, they respect great actors and Meryl Streep is beloved and all that, but... the bombshell wins in Hollywood. I think it would be really hard to be simply a great beauty. At least as a comedian, people will like you even when you look bloated. You still have some sort of existence."


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