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Jennifer Garner inspired by modest mom

Jennifer Garner has modelled her attitude to style and beauty on her modest mother.

The 41-year-old actress grew up in West Virginia as the middle of three sisters.

She took her simple style from her mom, who was an English teacher, and an advocate for natural beauty.

"My mother has the healthiest lack of vanity I've ever known," she explained to the latest edition of Allure magazine."No layers, no perms, no colours. No ear piercings, either. Look,[points to ears]. Do I have any tattoos? Oh, my gosh, no! Garner girls don't have tattoos."

Jennifer also inherited her mother's sense of frugality. She is still thrifty now, despite discovering fame and fortune.

"We had a clothing allowance of $200 twice a year, and that had to buy our winter coat, our underwear, our shoes," she continued. "[I call it] having common sense."

Jennifer has three children with actor Ben Affleck. She has started to make fewer red carpet appearances with the Oscar-winning husband, which is a professional rather than personal decision.

"Sometimes it's a pain because my heels are so high and it would be really nice to have his arm. And he's such a great date! But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become 'wife of,'" she explained.

Jennifer is also a spokeswoman for Neutrogena skincare. She shared the skincare products that have recently caught her eye.

"I'm starting to use more stuff that has things like alpha hydroxy [acid] or retinol. But I really don't believe that your skin-care products have to be the fanciest things in the world," she added. "I like drugstore products, especially sunscreen, because I use so much of it. I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen SPF70."

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