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Jennifer Garner relaxed about figure

Jennifer Garner is not going to "obsess" about losing her baby weight.

The actress gave birth to her third child with her husband Ben Affleck five months ago and is in no rush to regain her pre-pregnancy body.

Unlike other Hollywood moms, Jennifer is refusing to snap back to being skinny so soon after having her baby.

Jennifer is concentrating on enjoying spending time with her family - daughters Violet, six, Seraphina, three, and her new son Samuel - rather than pounding the treadmill.

"Jen isn't bothered about getting thin in record time like other celebs", a source revealed to UK magazine Closer, "she's taking it slowly and not obsessing."

Her sensible weight loss regime includes exercising three times a week and attending Pilates classes.

A friend close to the star said Jennifer will sacrifice exercise if she is needed by her children.

"She has lost 21 pounds since the birth, taking her to 133 pounds" revealed the source. "But she says she has a few more pounds to go."

Friends have added that Jennifer is not denying herself the occasional treat either.

She eats a healthy balanced diet most of the time. "[She] will allow herself spaghetti and meatballs," the source said, "and she enjoys a piece of dark chocolate after meals."

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