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Jennifer Hudson: I customised my clothes

Jennifer Hudson used to "Jenniferise" her clothes as a kid.

The singer-and-actress has a clothing line for QVC and explained that she's always harboured a passion for fashion.

Jennifer enjoyed channelling her creative energy as a kid, so would customise her clothing on a regular basis.

"My style has always been… odd. I call it being free, expressing myself. You know, creative people? We like to express ourselves," she said in an interview with Lucky magazine.

"When I was a little girl, I liked to cut up my clothes - we called it Jenniferising. Or a J. Original! Just because it came that way doesn't mean you have to wear it that way."

Jennifer explained she designed clothes for big events throughout the year, including her prom and Easter festivities.

"I would sketch it, and my mom and I would pick out the fabric, and we'd have it made! I love to sketch!" she exclaimed.

The stunning star was also into beauty as a child, and would always be tending to her tresses. Jennifer prefers an effortlessly un-done look - and would rather style her own hair as opposed to stepping into a salon.

"My father used to call me Miss Make-a-Hair," she laughed.

"If I'm tucked away in my room, I can't help myself, I fool with my hair. I just like hair. And I hate hair salons! I like hair you can sleep in - wild, bed-head hair."

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