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Jennifer Hudson talks slim figure

Jennifer Hudson says some people are still coming to terms with her body transformation.

The Dreamgirls actress lost a dramatic amount of weight in 2010, dropping 4st. She subsequently became the face of Weight Watchers and much was made of her transformation in the press.

The 32-year-old has successfully managed to keep the pounds off but she admits some people are still coming to terms with her lack of curves.

“Definitely," she told British newspaper The Guardian when asked if people treat her differently now.

"People I knew ten years ago, 50lbs ago, will be really strange around me. I have to remind them it is me, Jennifer, honestly.”

Jennifer is making the most of her new figure and loves showing it off in pretty dresses on the red carpet. The choice of outfits she has now is much greater.

“I have a lot more fun with clothes and shopping these days,” she said. “But as far as sense of self I have always had a lot of confidence."

Jennifer is engaged to professional wrestler David Otunga and they have four-year-old David Jr. together. One of the reasons for her weight loss was her little boy.

"There were several reasons for it. One was preparing for an acting role. The other was that my fiancé and I realised that when we were growing up neither one of us had good health examples," she revealed.

"We were always told to finish your food, clear your plate. We were never taught the proper way to eat. We grew up around a lot of eating, fish fries on Fridays, all that.

"When I was ready to have my son we wanted to teach him right. It was not until I went to Hollywood that I realised people might watch what they eat. I was like, ‘Wow!’ And then I thought ‘OK, I can do that.’”

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