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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Archery changed my body'

Jennifer Lawrence admits she has shared loaves of bread with rats in the past.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence believes one of her arms is permanently longer than the other appendage due to the archery she performed in The Hunger Games movies.

The Academy Award-winner portrays lead character Katniss in the fantasy franchise and to prepare for the part, she had to become skilled with a bow and arrow.

"I really, really enjoyed archery," she told NPR of her experience training with the weapon. "I had an amazing instructor, Khatuna (Lorig). She was Georgian. She was an excellent instructor — very, very strict. If I had bad form, she would pinch my ear. She didn't really put up with anything.

"It totally changed my body. It was so crazy, when I went back for the fitting for the second movie for Catching Fire, my shoulders were 2 inches broader and my right arm is 1 inch longer than my left arm, permanently, I guess. But I really enjoy it."

Jennifer is particularly appreciative of the fun exercise routines she gets to partake in nowadays because she couldn't even afford a gym membership when she first started out as an actress.

Although she now consults with some of the most high-profile and sought after fitness and diet professionals in the world, the star was so broke when she first moved to New York City as a teenager to pursue acting, hiring a wellbeing expert was out of the question.

"So I had a horrible apartment (in New York); it was completely rat-infested," she explained. "I didn't really have any money, so if a rat had eaten my loaf of bread, before when I first got there I (would have been) like, 'Ew!' and throw the whole loaf of bread away, but eventually I was like, 'God, I'm not going to be able to afford bread.' So I started just cutting around the hole that the rat ate. I got to the point where I was literally sharing food with a rat. So that's when my parents were like, 'Yeah, I think she really, really wants to do this.'"

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