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Jennifer Lawrence reveals weight worries

Jennifer Lawrence says "the normal girl stuff" leads her to feel self-conscious about her looks.

The 21-year-old actress is set for superstardom following the release of the hotly-anticipated The Hunger Games.

Jennifer plays the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in the action movie, but refuses to be overwhelmed by the buzz surrounding her.

In fact, the star says the concept of becoming a "major star" highlighted her low self-esteem.

"The normal girl stuff," she told the UK edition on OK! magazine when asked what caused her to feel down. "I thought I'd have to lose 30lb. I felt too heavy. I always thought it's just one more thing I need to change about me. That brought on a lot of insecurities."

Jennifer has revealed her signature style.

The Oscar-nominated actress says she "neither" girly or tomboy, but rather sits comfortably in the middle.

"I like to dress up, but I don't seek it out - it's not the most important thing for me," she explained.

"I don't mind putting a dress on for the red carpet because I put the dress on, walk the red carpet and it's over."


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