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Jennifer Lawrence's Joy costumes explained

Some of Hollywood's top costume designers have dished on their work on movies including Joy, Mad Max: Fury Road and Cinderella.

Jennifer Lawrence went through 45 costume changes when portraying her character in Joy.

The Oscar-winner appears as the title character in American Hustle director David O. Russell's new flick, which also stars Bradley Cooper - marking the third feature the trio have worked on together. Joy tells the story of a struggling mother who becomes a business mogul after creating a powerful family dynasty. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson is the man behind Joy's clothes, and he explained to The Hollywood Reporter why Jennifer needed so many wardrobe changes.

"She finds different ways of using her clothes to express her determination," Michael said, before listing some of her outfits. "Quietly rebellious jeans and T-shirts, a wedding dress, expensive tailor-made suits and a tough, intimidating leather jacket and sunglasses."

Bridge of Spies designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone discussed her work for the Cold War film too. Starring Tom Hanks as real life lawyer-turned- prisoner negotiator James B. Donovan, Kasia knew she had to get the '50s looks spot on.

"They were constructed in an older tradition, with a different body shape, a different sleeve and a thicker weave in the fabric," she explained.

Oscar-winner Jenny Beavan, who won gold in 1987 for A Room with a View, designed the costumes for post-apocalyptic action movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The looks in the movie have gone on to inspire a festival dedicated to the trends, with the Wasteland Weekend attracting 2,500 people to the Californian desert earlier this year (15). "I loved the freedom of creating vibrantly abnormal things," she smiled.

Sandy Powell is one of the most formidable names in on-screen costumes, and likens her work on Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella to a "watercolor painting".

She went into more depth about the costumes with Cover Media: "In terms of the overall look, I was thinking actually very much of children's story books and colour and being bright appealing to kids and being able to sort of sum up a character with a colour."

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