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Jennifer Lopez 'gives beau a makeover'

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly spent a small fortune on giving her lover Casper Smart a new look.

The 42-year-old American Idol judge started dating the backing dancer late last year, following her separation from her husband Marc Anthony.

But Life and Style magazine claims that the Jenny From The Block singer is lavishing a lot of pricey gifts on her 24-year-old toyboy.

Casper had a very youthful and street look before he got together with Jennifer but now he has been seen wearing a $460 Louis Vuitton belt, a $32,000 Rolex watch and $7,100 diamond stud earrings.

"He was an average kid, nothing really stood out," a former coach told the magazine. "We sat in stunned amazement that this guy is dating J. Lo. It's funny, but good for him!"

But Couples Therapy psychotherapist Jenn Berman, who has not worked with Jennifer, told the publication that she should be careful not to try and change Casper too much.

"Couples turn each other on to new things," Jenn said. "But when changing his style becomes an issue of control and dominance, it's problematic. Then the man feels the bond is superficial rather than about what he brings to the relationship emotionally."


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