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Jennifer Lopez has 'ice-cold water diet'

Jennifer Lopez's biggest diet secret is drinking plenty of "ice-cold water" to boost her metabolism.

The 42-year-old star boasts an enviably toned body and flat stomach. Her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson revealed she keeps in shape with a sensible diet and workout regime.

Jennifer avoids alcohol and ensures she always stays hydrated.

"Jennifer eats around 1,400 calories a day and will have her meals delivered so she doesn't have to think about it. Her favourite meal is salmon and basil, with a chocolate mousse for dessert," Gunnar explained in an interview with a British magazine.

"Jennifer's biggest secret is drinking of ice-cold water, as it revs up your metabolism. She rarely drinks alcohol and has her coffee black."

Jennifer has been flaunting her shapely abs while on tour with Enrique Iglesias. Gunnar insists the star has great muscle tone and doesn't need to complete many stomach exercises.

"Jennifer doesn't need to spend a lot of time on her abs - she does ten minutes a day," he added.

"For abs like Jennifer's you need to do a mix of cardio at least four times a week, with lots of squats, push-ups, pull-ups and lunges and old school exercises like skipping. She also does Pilates once a week."

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