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Jennifer Lopez: My line makes a statement

Jennifer Lopez has "something to say" with her new clothing line.

The singer-and-actress has recently turned her attention to fashion designing.

Jennifer created a womenswear line for Kohl's that was released last month. It includes clothes, accessories and home goods.

However, Jennifer wasn't always sure that fashion was the right direction for her.

"I love fashion," Jennifer told People. "But I never really thought I wanted to become a fashion designer. That just kind of evolved with my image, my style and the fact that I am creative. So when I was given the opportunity to do this line, I realised I had something to say, and something to offer."

The 42-year-old beauty is looking to expand the range in the future. In particular, she wants the line of home goods to grow, but she never wants to compromise on quality.

"We talked about dishes and plates - there are all different areas you can expand into," she explained.

"But we wanted to first focus on delivering a great, quality line that was luxurious, beautiful and sexy - and affordable."

For Jennifer the most crucial element of designing is getting the clothes to fit right. With her curvaceous figure, she knows that a garment needs to hug in all the right places to be flattering.

"Getting the fit right is something that takes a lot of time," she admitted.

"But it's something that we can't compromise. For me, the stuff I pick is the stuff that fits really well. So we concentrate on giving beautiful items with great fit at a great price."

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