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Jennifer Love Hewitt: I love lingerie

Jennifer Love Hewitt learnt the importance of good lingerie when shooting her new TV show.

The actress is playing a single-mother-of-two in The Client List who finds extra work with a high-end prostitution service in Texas.

Jennifer is scantily-clad in the series and found the risqué attire quite appealing.

"I learned a lot actually. I'm not quite as scared as I thought I would be. I've actually learned how to wear lingerie better - sort of how to get into it faster - all of those things," she told Parade magazine.

"Being sort of a feisty young lady from Texas comes naturally to me because that's sort of who I am. I've grown up in a household of feisty Texas women.

"But being so overtly sexy and provocative - that part of it is not something that I've really put out there before. And it has been fun and exciting.

Jennifer is comfortable with her curves. The brunette beauty felt liberated showing off her feminine form in the drama series.

"I feel like I'm at a good age for it. I'm 33-years-old and I think if I was younger, it would feel more saucy and daring. But at 33, I'm a grown woman. This is what we do," she said.

"You sort of find your femininity and your strength and your own sexuality in playing a part like this. It's been really fun."


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