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Jeremy Irvine's not-so-sexy sunburn

Jeremy Irvine had a shock when he hit the gym to get in shape for his latest movie.

The British actor plays Ben, a guide who's hunted through the New Mexico desert by a high-rolling corporate shark, played by Michael Douglas.

For the scenes to look realistic, Jeremy had to appear to have sunburn. To get the look just right, the star spent ages in the make-up chair.

"There was a lot of physically tough aspects to this film, but the make-up was the worst. It took three-and-a-half hours to put on the prosthetics every morning. By the end I wondered what was worse: having the fake make-up or the real sunburn! It's like having condoms stuck all over you in 40°C plus heat. You're sweating and itching... it's grim," Jeremy recalled to Total Film.

While his sunburnt look was in the hands of the film's make-up artists, Jeremy was in charge of getting his body in shape.

The shoot was hard on the 25-year-old, but luckily he'd upped his fitness before cameras started rolling.

"I'd finished The Railway Man and I'd lost about 35lbs, so I was very skinny. Then the director Jean-Baptiste Léonetti Skyped me and said, 'You know, for 90s minutes we're going to be looking at you in your underwear...' I think his exact words were, 'Jeremy, we must have the abs!'" he laughed in a French accent.

"So I had to do some serious gym work. It was a shock to the system."

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