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Jeremy Piven: Beards are my talent

Jeremy Piven has discussed the perils of switching from Entourage to Mr Selfridge.

The actor is currently minus any facial hair to reprise his role as Ari for the much anticipated Entourage movie. But as soon as filming wraps, he has to grow a beard as quickly as possible to begin shooting the third series of British period drama Mr Selfridge.

“I had to shave it for Ari. I am clean-shaven at the moment and then I will grow it at the speed of light,” he told Red Eye Chicago. “That's going to be an interesting transition but we're going to make it happen. I can probably grow somewhat of a beard in about ten days. Everyone's got a talent, so I guess that's mine. You've got to have something, right?”

In Mr Selfridge, Jeremy plays the title character Harry Selfridge and has a beard and large moustache. In real life the character - who created the iconic British department store Selfridges - had huge mutton chops but this is something the 48-year-old doesn’t think he can replicate.

“I was thinking about doing it and then I couldn't pull it off the way he did. He's winning with mutton chops and I would be losing. I would look like a lost, wandering Hasidic Jew, probably, you know?” he joked to the publication.

Jeremy has to adopt very different wardrobes for the roles too. While Ari’s all about power suits, Harry is turn-of-the-century fashion.

“The way the Italian suits fit snugly, it helps me to kind of have that Ari Gold swagger as soon as I put them on,” he explained. “[Mr Selfridge] is just completely different. The waistcoats as we call them, they're always three-piece and they're more difficult to put on. I feel I'm very lucky in the way that I have the best of both worlds.”

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