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Jess Alba: How I do laidback style

Jessica Alba likes to wear Dr Martens when she's feeling "'90s grunge".

The 33-year-old actress may dazzle in stunning gowns on the red carpet but is happy to go for more laidback ensembles away from the limelight. She is often spotted out and about in casual yet fashionable outfits, and has explained how she builds her looks.

"Appropriate, but playful," she told of her taste in clothing. "I like to wear whatever fits my mood. Sometimes I’m really feeling ’90s grunge, and I’ll wear my Doc Martens every day for a week, and that’s a certain look you’re going for. You have to commit to the Docs, and everything builds from there!"

Jessica continued to share her outfit for a day running errands. The star keeps herself busy away from her acting career running her business The Honest Company, which aims to bring natural products to the mass market. She also has young daughters Honor and Haven.

"Usually my outfits do sort of revolve around the shoe. Then sometimes I feel like doing casual dress pants and a T-shirt and a blazer, and trying to be business-y. It’s all over the place, but it’s for sure appropriate for what’s happening," she added.

"If I’m going to the office, it’s more appropriate for that environment, versus if I’m going to a tech conference or a press conference or hanging out on the weekend with the kids. It’s usually functional for that occasion."

Now the summer is finally here, the mom-of-two is turning to her summer staples for the warmer weather, which again consists of footwear.

"I am for sure wearing Birkenstocks again. They are so comfortable. I’m not sure what to say about it. I’m not sure if it’s a good choice. Some of my friends think it’s the worst thing on the planet. And some of my other friends are down, so I’m not sure. I am committing to it, so that’s happening," she smiled.

"And those Ancient Greek Sandals - I have a few pair of those, and I am for sure wearing those. And I have these white Vans."

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