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Jess Alba: Mum stopped me shaving my head

Jessica Alba has opened up about her beauty loves and the worst advice she's ever received.

The 34-year-old actress may sport glossy locks and a glowing, natural, complexion these days, but she was more outrageous when she was growing up. Jessica was firmly in the grunge camp when she was at school, which didn't go down well with her parents.

"Nineties grunge. Doc Martens. I got my bellybutton pierced the second I could," she told Allure magazine of her teenage look. "I wanted to shave my head and pierce my nose, and my mom said she was going to make me stop acting. I was like, 'Oh, that's so mean.'"

Jessica learnt a lot about beauty from her mum Catherine. It was her who taught the star never to leave the house before putting on her face, and Jessica's grandma exposed her to a cosmetics staple too. She would only ever use red lipstick, but put it on her cheeks to give them a flush as well as on her mouth.

The star isn't into all areas of beauty though, revealing she very rarely sprays on perfume.

"Not usually. If I wear anything, I'll wear a mix of some essential oils, like gardenia and jasmine, a little bit of vanilla. I like bergamot as well," she explained.

Skin wise, the star suffers from dryness and dehydration, so she's a fan of hydrating mists. Jessica uses them throughout the day to give her skin a pick-me-up, and she is never without one when she's flying either.

She uses masks a little too, although that's never a hit with her family. Her husband Cash Warren and their two daughters hate it when she uses paper ones in particular, with Jessica joking they make her look like a "serial killer".

The actress was happy to share her beauty fails as well, including the worst bit of advice she's ever received.

"That you need to pound on the powder to set your make-up. It's just not true, and it looks cakey. Just spot where you need it," she said, before opening up about a bad spa experience.

"I went to a Chinese-medicine reflexology place in the Bahamas. I think they were going for blood. I did cupping after that, and I ended up having, like, 12 bruises on my back - and that was relaxing [in] comparison."

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