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Jessica Alba: I don't need perfection

Jessica Alba never deprives herself of "junk" food.

The 33-year-old star has a busy day-to-day schedule, running her own business The Honest Company and raising daughters Honor, five, and Haven, two, alongside her acting career.

To ensure she keeps energised and feeling good Jessica eats a range of food, occasionally tucking into more calorific options.

“As I’ve gotten older and after I became a mom, it became more of a priority to be healthy for the right reasons. It’s more important to have a balanced approach instead of trying to be perfect,” she explained to People. “I don’t deprive myself... I have [junk] if I want it. When I do feel that I am depriving myself, I find that I binge. That’s not a balanced way to go about it.”

Jessica, who was recently asked to front coconut water brand Zico's Crack Life Open campaign, also takes part in regular exercise to keep in shape. She aims for at least 30 minutes cardio a day and if she can't fit it in, Jessica relies on her little girls to keep her moving.

“If I’m not going to sweat I go for a walk for an hour and a half [with the girls],” she added, describing it as a good example for her daughters. “I’m not so much into preaching, more into practicing. I like to swim with them, go on family walks. The kids like it too, they go crazy, bouncing off the walls if I keep them inside."

Even when she has a day off Jessica likes to keep active, but also fits in some time to relax both on her own and with her daughters and husband Cash Warren.

“Sleeping in until I felt like getting up for sure, then having some kind of smoothie, then some kind of workout, because I really do like how I feel after a workout,” she smiled. “Then actually to be able to look through a magazine or a book by the pool or beach would be nice. And a massage! Then I’d hang out with my kids by the pool - that’s usually the most fun thing."

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