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Jessica Alba: I have serious brow envy

Jessica Alba feels the ‘90s completely ruined her eyebrows, and she has been “on the mend” ever since.

Jessica Alba’s eyebrows were ruined by the ‘90s.

The 34-year-old actress is known for looking flawless, and has recently launched her Honest Beauty skincare and make-up line to allow people to emulate her look.

But when it comes to her appearance, there is one aspect Jessica isn’t a fan of.

“Right now I’m really into the brows. I feel like you can have nothing else on your face but a little concealer here and there and a strong brow,” Jessica told People magazine. “I’m always envious of girls who have [ones] that aren’t overplucked because the ‘90s just ruined my brows. I’ve been on the mend ever since. And I for sure in the 2000s was still guilty of just making them as skinny as humanly possible.”

Jessica has an incredibly busy life, with her acting career, her Honest company and her two daughters with husband Cash Warren.

So when it comes to kicking back, there’s one room in her house that Jessica enjoys unwinding in – her bathroom.

“If you want a relaxing bath, use lavender essential oil,” Jessica said. “You don’t want to use a lot - just one or two drops. And then I add a cup of Epsom salt. It’s my favourite way to wind down. And if I do have the time, and a mask, I’ll put a face mask on while I’m sitting in the bathtub so I can do two things at once. I love Innisfree masks. I was in Seoul, Korea, and they have like a whole Innisfree store and I went crazy and bought everything in there, because I love to try new brands and try things.”

While Jessica is a regular addition to lists of the world’s sexiest women, there’s only one man she is worried about impressing.

And when it comes to her spouse, Cash is easily blown over by his wife’s natural beauty.

“We were on vacation recently and my whole head was braided,” Jessica said. “I was too tired to take them out before bed, so when I woke up my braids were still in my hair–and I had a little bit of a sun kissed face. Usually when I wake up, I look busted, but for some reason Cash was like, ‘babe you look really pretty.’ And I was like, “oh?! Really? That’s amazing!’ ”

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