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Jessica Alba: My toddler loves costumes

Jessica Alba refuses to let her daughter dress herself because she'd end up wearing "a cowgirl" costume.

The Hollywood actress and husband Cash Warren have two daughters together - three-year-old Honor Marie and Haven Garner, who was born last month.

Jessica dresses her daughters herself, as leaving Honor to choose her own clothes would be a recipe for disaster.

"Oh no, I dress Honor! She'll say she wants to wear this or that but if I let her dress herself head to toe she'd have a rag on her hair for her 'fake hair' like Rapunzel, a princess, cowgirl, fairy or Hogwarts costume on, tutu and two different plastic high heels on!" she laughed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

Jessica is a strict parent when it comes to rule-making. The stunning star makes it clear that her daughters can look forward to dressing themselves when they're older though.

"I tell her I'm the boss and when she's the boss and an adult she can make all those decisions and wear whatever she wants," she said.

"In the house she dresses however she wants but we don't go out like that."

Jessica also responded to a question regarding the recent furore over mothers dressing their baby daughters for beauty pageants.

The 30-year-old finds it disturbing that parents would allow their youngsters to wear such inappropriate garb.

"I think it's bizarre personally. I'm really into age-appropriate and I don't feel like that is age-appropriate for a toddler, a five year old or a ten year old," she said.

"That's not what my daughters are exposed to and I feel they don't need to be. It's too much information for a little girl."

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