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Jessica Alba: My whole family’s stylish

Jessica Alba's mom and grandmother have served as style icons for the star and taught her that beauty comes in many different forms.

The stunning actress is well known for having one of the hottest bodies in showbiz and shows off her toned physique in movies such as Honey and Into the Blue.

But her confidence came long before she made it in Hollywood. It was her mother Catherine, who is of Danish and French Canadian descent, who instilled into a young Jessica that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

"My grandmother wore daisy dukes until she was 70! She loved her legs," Jessica laughed to Us Weekly magazine.

"And my mom wore plunging necklines. They were good examples for me. They would never allow me to be critical of myself. They’d nip it in the bud and tell me beauty comes in many sizes and colours.”

Jessica, 33, was talking to the publication as part of its body issue and was joined by a host of other celebrities who opened up about their bodies, exercise regimes and diets.

Australian popstar Iggy Azalea can't decide on her favourite body part, but does admit that wearing the right footwear will always boost her mood.

Iggy is known for her outlandish stage costumes and isn't shy when it comes to showing of her figure. But the Work singer suffers from the same insecurities as everybody else.

"My favourite body part changes daily depending on what I’m wearing and how I feel. I think that’s the same for most women. You have good hair days, good make-up days, good butt days!" she laughed. "But I’m always most confident in a pair of heels.”

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