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Jessica Alba's relaxing workouts

Jessica Alba finds working out is a good way to relax.

The busy star is an actress, founder of The Honest Company and mom to her two daughters - Honor and Haven - with husband Cash Warren.

She still manages to stay in great shape and actually sees workouts as a time to switch off from her hectic life.

“I felt like before I had kids and a company, I had more time to stick to a regular regimen, but I really find it’s hard to stick to the same thing every morning. And working out now is more about what it does for me mentally than the physical benefits,” she revealed to

“Whereas before, it was more about physical benefits. Now it’s like, ‘I need some me-time. I want to jump on that treadmill and zone out for twenty minutes!’

“Or I can do a great yoga class. It’s good to decompress, weirdly because I never thought I’d feel that way about working out. When I do get the time, I love it. I just never have the time to do it every day.”

Jessica, 33, is known for being eco-friendly and her company is all about bringing natural products to the mass market.

The star is also keen to keep her diet free from processed food.

“I try to eat fresh, and as much fresh produce as possible, and not so many processed and packaged foods. I think that probably is a healthier way of living. I don’t really eat fast food that much. But I’m not so healthy - I have dessert, I eat chocolate, I eat meat!” she explained.

Jessica also shared her tips for staying hydrated, citing hot lemon water and coconut water as her go-tos, particularly when she’s been flying a lot.

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