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Jessica Biel: 'Diamond jewellery is fun but intense'

Jessica Biel has spent years mastering the art of choosing expensive jewellery to complement her red carpet ensembles.

Actress Jessica Biel takes the process of choosing the right diamonds to accompany a red carpet gown very seriously.

The 34-year-old regularly tops best dressed lists when she attends awards ceremonies or movie premieres, and her exquisite taste goes beyond her clothing - she's also saluted for the jewellery choices she makes with each outfit.

While many would think choosing from some of the world's most beautiful diamond accessories would be easy, Jessica insists it isn't a decision which can be made hastily.

"It's fun, but it is intense because it's not to be taken lightly,” she explains in new documentary Crazy About Tiffany's, adding, "presenting yourself in a particular way" is her job.

It's taken Jessica years to understand how to choose a diamond accessory for the red carpet, and she admitted in the footage that before she started to work with brands like Tiffany's, she made some real fashion faux pas.

Her stylist Estee Stanley revealed she wore flared jeans and chunky platforms to one event before they started working together. Jessica laughed, "I was 19, you know. No more high-heeled flip-flops and tan lines and crop tops (now). I didn’t know any better!"

Jessica, who is married to another style star Justin Timberlake, previously revealed to People magazine she bought her first piece of fancy jewellery when she was at college, and it marked the beginning of her transformation into the stylish celebrity she is today.

"I didn’t really have anything of value for a long time," she said. "I bought myself my first pair of diamond earrings when I was a freshman in college. That was a big deal. Before that, I grew up wearing lots of friendship bracelets. That was my favourite accessory!”

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