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Jessica Chastain: Be bold with clothes

Jessica Chastain advises women to dress "loud and proud".

The flame-haired actress is famed for her bold style, but admits her fashion choices weren't always so brave. Jessica has revealed that one particular family member encouraged her to be more experimental with her attire.

"Dress loud and proud. My style guru is my grandmother. She came with me to the Oscars this year," she told the latest edition of Marie Claire UK.

"I was such a shy girl and hated to stand out, but she'd buy me the brightest shirts and dresses. She taught me to wear colour."

Jessica has learnt most of her top beauty and hair tips from professionals she's worked with. The stunning star makes sure she preps her skin and lips before applying her make-up.

"YSL's top make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds taught me to put a bit of lip balm on before you start applying your make-up so your lipstick takes better. My absolute favourite is Kiehl's Lip Balm #1," she said.

Jessica is the face of Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto fragrance. The actress has revealed what she looks for in a scent.

"I like subtlety in perfume, something that warms on your skin and evolves throughout the day," she smiled.

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