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Jessica Chastain: I imagined Oscars gown

Jessica Chastain didn't think about her wedding dress growing up, she was all about what she'd wear to awards shows.

The 37-year-old star understands many young girls while away hours considering what they'll wear when they walk down the aisle. But for her that was never a consideration, instead she thought about attending the Academy Awards.

"As a kid I never thought about my wedding dress; I thought about my Oscars dress. 'What will I wear to the Oscars? I want to be an actor, what will I wear?'" she laughed to British magazine Glamour.

It was time well spent, as Jessica has been nominated for two of the golden statues in her career so far. Her first nod came for 2011 movie The Help and she wore a dress by Alexander McQueen to the ceremony. The black and gold floor-length piece meant so much to her it's currently stored in a special container in case Jessica has a daughter who'd like to wear it in the future.

"I love it, I love it, I love it," she said of awards season. "Because you get to wear the most beautiful clothes, but you also get to hang out with other film makers and actors."

It's a good job Jessica likes getting dressed up for these occasions as she's tipped for another Oscar nomination for her role in A Most Violent Year. It's about a man who wants to protect his family as the city becomes increasingly unsafe, and Jessica's character is called Anna. Getting the right costumes was one of the things which helped the flame-haired stare in the role, not least because she was able to call on one of her favourite designers for help.

"For me, the costumes Anna wears say everything about her," she explained. "She grew up in a wealthy household, but now with her and Abel's business, they have more money than she's ever had in her life. In the 80s Mr. Armani was on the cover of Time magazine and he was such a superstar designer that I was thinking Anna should only wear Armani. I called up Roberta Armani [Giorgio Armani's niece and group executive vice president] and said I was doing this film and they invited us into the archives in Milan to find the most incredible outfits."

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