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Jessica Chastain reveals California girl dream

Jessica Chastain’s dream when she was younger was to be someone "blonde, curly and tanned".

The red-haired actress revealed when she first started to develop her own sense of style.

Jessica realised she was different at a young age, which was when she began to take an interest in fashion as a form of expression.

"I grew up in Sacramento in northern California. They laughed at the colour of my hair and my freckles. I dreamed of being blonde, curly, tanned like a 'real' Californian," Jessica told French magazine Madame Le Figaro.

"The typical teenager conformist! I was part of a dance troupe. Fashion has helped me to accept myself, to express my creativity in other ways. At the time I started reading Vogue , I cut my hair short, I started to wear cowboy boots, to experiment with different looks."

Jessica is the face of designer label Yves Saint Laurent's female fragrances. She shared how their collaboration came to be and what perfumes mean to her.

"I've admired the Saint Laurent house for its audacity and how it promotes individuality [for a long time]. A modern woman, strong and free, like the image of Catherine Deneuve in a tuxedo! The meeting for perfume Manifesto was conducted in this spirit. My love affair with Yves Saint Laurent perfumes dates back to college! Opium was my favourite. My aunt gave me a bottle when I was little. I felt very glamorous and very feminine when I was putting on a few drops," Jessica laughed. "Now, my style is that I like to put forward my singularity, instead of hiding."

As a testimony to her striking good looks and elegance, Jessica was chosen to wear Elizabeth Taylor's sapphire and diamond Bulgari necklace at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.

She has since spoken out about her nerves sporting such an iconic piece of jewellery, and confessed she didn't even ask its value.

“I didn’t want to know how much it was worth,” Jessica told People at a Bulgari-sponsored soirée, following the film Cleopatra's 50th-anniversary screening.

“It was so thrilling to wear it, but I was overwhelmed too. It was a little scary. I was the first person to wear it since Elizabeth. I felt as if I was able to spend the day with her today by wearing the necklace.”

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