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Jessica Chastain: The Dracula look appeals to me

Jessica Chastain used to don lipstick so dark and red it resembled "dried blood".

Actress Jessica Chastain based her outfits on the gothic attire worn in hit movie Dracula when she was a youth.

The 38 year old is known for her incredibly feminine and startlingly elegant style nowadays, but she wasn't always red-carpet ready. Back in the day, when she was a teenager, Jessica's chose striking looks that were more reminiscent of the attire worn by her character in new horror movie Crimson Peak.

“Perhaps doing Crimson Peak brought all of that love for the gothic aesthetic back,” she smiled to the Editorialist. “My friend and I used (1992 movie) Dracula as our reference — the one with Gary Oldman; we were Winona Ryder and Sadie Frost. She wore black lipstick and I wore a black-red lip colour, like dried blood almost.”

Jessica doesn't believe the motivation behind her outfits has altered tremendously in the past two decades, even though her current style choices are nothing like what she wore as a young lady.

Jessica still goes for stimulating looks engineered to make her feel as if she is going on some type of adventure.

“For the past five years, I imagine my style has changed in terms of what I now flock to, but I still am the person who likes to take risks,” she explained. “When I see a show or a collection, I am really drawn to the artistry of the outfit. When I’m wearing something, I don’t think of it in terms of me wanting to be on the red carpet — for me it’s more about the dress that I’m wearing.”

One of Jessica's favourite red carpet moments to date came when she wore a gold and black Alexander McQueen gown to the 2012 Academy Awards, and the occasion was made even more special because she had received a nomination for her work in The Help.

“It was magnificent," she recalled. "It was the dress of my life. That moment, it was the biggest dream I ever had, and here I was up for an Oscar, and I was wearing this dress that I felt was able to match the expanse of feelings I had.”

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