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Jessica Findlay Brown: Costume Emmy was deserved

Jessica Findlay Brown says Downton Abbey's costume designer "100 per cent" deserved her Emmy Award this year.

The British actress plays Lady Sybil Crawley in the hugely popular period TV series.

Downton Abbey won six prizes at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Costumes For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

Despite the costumes not being the most comfortable of attire, the star says the show's designer Susannah Buxton is wonderfully talented.

"There's a reason hobble skirts are called hobble skirts. You literally can't move very far in them. Some of those dresses are originals, some are copies, but when you're wearing them you can really see why women who lived in that period couldn't move very fast or do very much. It's just physically impossible to move at speed in them," she explained in an interview with "But, the costumes are beautiful though. Susannah Buxton 100 per cent deserved that Emmy, she thinks of everything right down to the smallest detail."

Jessica appeared in the August issue of UK Vogue magazine, wearing a blue Valentino gown. The stunning star says she almost missed out on wearing the gorgeous creation.

"Originally, I was supposed to wear another dress - and of course it was beautiful - but I saw the blue one hanging on the rail and I just loved it, but I couldn't bear to change everything so last minute," she said.

"But then Michelle [Dockery, Jessica's co-star in Downton Abbey] just knew, in that very big sister way, that I had my eye on the other dress and just told the stylist that, 'Actually I think Jess really loves that one.' She knew I'd never say anything, I mean it was for Vogue!"

Jessica is starring in upcoming feature drama Albatross. She plays a teenage aspiring writer, and the actress is proud to show a different side to her talents.

"It was actually shot before Downton Abbey was even conceived," she said. "I'm so proud of it, I adore it - it was just the best job. It's nice for people to see, and for myself to know, that I can do different roles though - that I can dress up in period costumes and slouch around. It's just another side of acting - a new physicality."

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