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Jessica Lowndes: I'm always up for workouts

Jessica Lowndes finds exercise therapeutic and never misses a workout session.

The American starlet is proud of her toned physique, and often shows it off in midriff-baring and figure-hugging outfits.

Her svelte frame isn't down to luck or good genes though, and Jessica is happy to put in the time at the gym to achieve her enviable figure.

"I usually train with weights three times a week with a trainer. On other days I supplement that with other exercises - yoga, spinning, running, I make sure I take my diet seriously and remain consistent. That's the key," Jessica explained to British magazine Now.

"I don't really ever dread exercise. I may not like certain things on certain days. But for the most part I love exercising. It's just my therapy."

The 26-year-old shot to fame playing Adrianna Tate-Duncan in the reboot of popular teen drama 90210.

She's previously dated Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and British rugby hunk Thom Evans. In 2009 People magazine included Jessica in its list of World's Most Beautiful People, but Jessica admits she still has days when she suffers from insecurities. However, confidence is key for the star.

"[My insecurities are] the ebb and flow based on how I'm feeling in other areas of my life. One week I may not like something, the next week it's something else. I try to stay confident in all aspects of my life - I don't like feeling insecure about anything. It's all about loving your body, not trying to change it," she smiled.

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