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Jessica Paré talks Mad Men fashion

Jessica Paré credits the Mad Men costume designers for the evolution of her onscreen style.

The pretty actress played Megan Draper in the show for three years, who started out as a secretary before becoming an actress.

The part was Jessica's break out role, and let her indulge in the stylish fashion trends of the 1960s.

"When I first started in 2010, she was wearing blank clothes, conservative; nothing with too much personality because she wouldn’t have much to say. She’s not there to make a name for herself – she’s there to do her job," Jessica recalled to British magazine Stylist.

"And then when she becomes a copywriter and Don’s [Draper, played by Jon Hamm] wife, and then an actress, her clothes definitely start to speak more of who she is; a lot of heavy prints and beautiful combinations.”

Mad Men has been credited for bringing retro fashion back into the forefront of modern styles.

It has spawned many copy-cat dressers who try to emulate the onscreen styles of stars such as Jessica, Jon and Christina Hendricks.

But Jessica, 33, admits she can't take any credit for her outfits in front of the camera. She instead leaves it all up to the capable costume designers who work on the show.

"I would say it’s more them than me,” she laughed when asked if she had any say over what her alter ego would be wearing. “Megan has been more fashion forward than me from the time I started playing her. And trust me, there have been pieces I’ve wanted to steal for years!”

In real life Jessica says her own sense of style is more "French with a rock edge".

She can often be seen at showbiz parties rocking her chic and sophisticated look, but she also enjoys dressing down when she can.

"I’m as comfortable in jeans and T-shirt as I am in tailored businesswear and on the red carpet. Truth be told I’m a pretty practical person so I do like the idea of mixing more accessible brands with designer," the brunette star added.

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