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Jessica Simpson: I miss my waist

Jessica Simpson can't wait to see her waistline again.

The 31-year-old singer and fashionista is currently in her third trimester and is expected to deliver before too long.

Jessica is shocked by how her body altered during pregnancy and she misses her pre-baby belly.

"I wasn't pregnant when we shot [my new show Fashion Star]. It will be amazing to see myself with a waistline," Jessica told Us Weekly magazine. "I'll be like a big blob sitting on the couch watching myself thin."

Jessica hasn't worn maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy because she finds many of the garments frumpy.

The star, whose Jessica Simpson Collection womenswear brand is highly successful, will make pregnancy clothes of her own in the future.

"The point of launching a maternity line, for me, is to do something different," Jessica explained. "I'm not buying any maternity clothes. I'm wearing all clothes that come in bigger sizes. I really want to make a maternity line that's comfortable, but really stylish for people, because I believe that we all deserve to feel good and look good."

Jessica hopes her range of clothes gets huge exposure on Fashion Star when the programme airs next month.

"Teaming up with this show was a perfect fit," Jessica said. "I couldn't turn it down because I felt like it was great for my collection, but it was also important for me to talk to these up-and-coming designers and mentor them and kind of show them the ropes and really try to lead them in the right direction."

Jessica and Nicole Richie mentor 14 fledgling designers on the show.


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