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Jessie J avoids revealing stage attire

Jessie J would never don a skimpy leotard on stage "without tights".

The British songstress is famed for her quirky fashion sense. Jessie regularly opts for head-turning stage attire, but insists she'd never reveal too much.

"No, not really. Although I would never wear hotpants walking along the street , or go on stage without tights if I was wearing a leotard," she explained in an interview with British magazine more!

Jessie has a hectic schedule, and appreciates her down-time. The 24-year-old singer indulges in retail therapy when she has a few spare hours.

"My life in non-stop. I'm either on a plane or working, and I'm writing my second album at the moment," she said.

"But when I do get some free time, I shop for vintage clothes."

The svelte star doesn't feel pressure to stay thin. Jessie, who says she'd "love to gain some weight", insists her look rarely changes.

"I've always been slim. I haven't got dramatically thinner," she said.

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