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Jessie J: Hair means nothing

Jessie J felt like a baby duck when her shaved hair was growing out.

When she first burst on to the music scene in 2010 Jessie was synonymous with her raven coloured blunt bob haircut, complete with fringe.

Her hair has undergone many incarnations over the last four years, including a bleached blonde buzz cut when she sheared it off for charity last year on national TV.

"Gosh, yesterday," Jessie told Q magazine when they asked when she last considered another radical haircut. "I'm not really attached to my hair. I loved being bald! The hardest bit was when it was growing out. It was too long to be shaved but too short to be anything. It was duck fluff. I felt like a baby duck. Other than that, I felt strong and sexy with my head shaved."

She now sports long flowing locks, styled in a centre part that falls below her shoulders.

As well as bold hairstyles Jessie is also known for daring wardrobe choices. She recently performed at z100's Jingle Ball show in New York wearing an oversized black sequin T-shirt with tiny black hotpants underneath. Thigh high black boots and dark berry lips completed the vampy look.

While the 26-year-old looks after her appearance, she's had to take extra care with her smile in the past after a spate of dental accidents.

"[The last time I went to the dentists was] three months ago. I chipped my tooth on the microphone. I'd never done that before and then during a week I did it six times!" she laughed. "I kept doing it during the back bend of Do It Like A Dude."

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