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Jessie J in awe of Gaga's egg stunt

Jessie J thinks only a handful of people "can arrive at an awards ceremony in an egg"- and she isn't one of them.

The British songstress admires Lady Gaga's famed eccentric style, and believes only someone as outlandish as her can pull off her fashion visions. Jessie has a pretty quirky sense of style herself, but says it is nothing in comparison to the Born This Way singer.

The star says the stunt where Gaga arrived at the 2011 Grammy Awards encased in a giant egg was one of her finer moments.

"I think Gaga is amazing and she has definitely put herself in a separate lane. There are only so many people that can arrive at an awards ceremony in an egg, and I don't think that I can pull that off at all," she admitted to People.

"I think that styling is important but I don't want it to be definitive of who I am."

Despite not comparing herself to Gaga in terms of style, Jessie appreciates her fashion-forward attitude. The singer admires her ever-present dedication to her much-loved image.

"I think Gaga does a great job of being there for her fans and I think that is what makes us similar," she added.

"The things she creates are wonderful."

Jessie always sports creative nail-art. The stunning star is meticulous about the appearance of her hands.

"I get them done every few weeks," she admitted.

"I have a girl [Jenny Longworth] who does them. She also does Rihanna's. She is the only girl I know that does acrylics that don't break in a few days."


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