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Jessie J: Sparkly teeth are a must

Jessie J got her teeth whitened as soon as she topped the charts.

The British singer is mostly confident about her appearance but was always unsure of her teeth. She used to worry about their colour so as soon as she hit the big time she made a visit to the dentist.

"The BRITs 2011 wasn't all good. My Vera Wang gown was too small on the arms so I was freaking out," she recalled. "But I had nothing else to wear so I just couldn't hold my award up high. And I hated my teeth at the launch party - I can't even look at the pictures, they're so minging, like baby sweetcorn! So when I got to number one, I had them whitened."

Jessie enjoys dressing in tight-fitting pieces and loves seeing what other people in the industry are experimenting with.

The star thinks Rihanna and Rita Ora are both flying the fashion flag at the moment and would love to raid Gwen Stefani's closet.

"Man repeller clothes are most of my wardrobe!" she added to Company magazine.

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