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Jessie J talks image change

Jessie J used to feel pressure to conform to what others wanted her to look like.

The British singer has made waves with hits such as Domino and always looks stunning on stage.

Whereas she might have found her own sense of style now, she felt pressure to look a certain way at the beginning of her career.

"I think as soon as you're an artist and you're signed, they go, 'Right, we need to get you a stylist,' and someone tells you how you're supposed to look," she explained to the latest edition of UK Glamour magazine.

"I became a cartoon of everyone else's dream for what I should look like, but I was like, 'No, I want to be me.'"

For the past six months, Jessie has been her own stylist.

She even made the brave decision to shave her hair for charity earlier this year.

"I think I'm still edgy and I still take risks. I still wear high-waisted shorts on stage with a little crop top, but I don't want to be a clown," she argued.

"I think I've definitely evolved into being a bit more presentable."

In the past, Jessie has sported some eccentric looks, including Union Jack lip transfers and bright purple hair.

With her simple haircut and toned-down dress sense has come the desire to lay off the cosmetics.

"I actually wear less make-up now, even for shows and stuff. I just want to keep it really simple and clean and elegant," she revealed.

"I used to wear so much make-up - crystal lips and crystals round my eyes and fake eyelashes and drawn-on eyebrows, and then as soon as I went to an airport with none on everyone would say, 'She's ill,' or 'She's having a breakdown.'"

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