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Jill Scott: I'm addicted to shoes

Jill Scott admits that she has a major "shoe problem."

The Grammy Award-winning singer has a penchant for gorgeous footwear. Jill is happy to stuff as many pairs of shoes into her wardrobe as the closet space permits.

"I have a shoe problem. I have maybe 200 or 300 shoes," the singer told People magazine.

Jill appreciates all shoe styles and is tempted to buy shoes anywhere at any time. The 39-year-old star has revealed her most recent style buy.

"The last shoe that I purchased was a fabulous Chloé boot in Amsterdam," Jill recalled.

"It's kind of a tan, gunmetal suede that wraps around the ankle. Crazy beautiful."

When Jill is not admiring her shoe collection, she is busy thinking about her diet.

The American soul songstress appreciates the opportunity to cook for those she cares about.

"Last night I had a dream about cooking, I guess because my family is coming for the holidays," Jill explained.

"This is the first time everybody's coming to my house, so I'm a little anxious."

Jill's fourth studio album The Light of the Sun was released this year.

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