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JLo: I eat what I want!

Jennifer Lopez isn’t keen on restricting herself from eating her favourite foods.

The 45-year-old Booty singer is celebrated the world over for her healthy, curvaceous figure.

But Jennifer doesn’t impose too many restrictions on her diet, as she consciously makes room for delicious, calorific foods.

“I usually start off with a shake in the morning. Right before lunch I start getting really hungry, so I’ll have bit of fruit or a bar, then I'll have lunch, usually something yummy. I don’t like giving up yummy food,” she told Extra. “That’s a big deal for me, but it'll be something like chicken and salad or vegetables or quinoa. Again, I learned that doing the plant-based programme, that’s really good for you. Then, at night, sometimes I just eat whatever I want to be honest. It's dinnertime. I’m going to have a good meal with my kids.

“I don’t deprive myself of things. I just try to moderate it a bit, so if I want to have a little bit of rice and beans, because that’s what I grew up with, and some steak or whatever, I can do that.”

Jennifer launched BodyLab in Santa Monica this week, a revolutionary new lifestyle brand which provides health and fitness formulas just for women.

The superstar ensures she remains in good shape by constantly motivating herself.

“I think about what I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I just give myself short-term goals… so I'm really going to focus and then turns out you get into a good routine,” she noted.

Jennifer also works with famous celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson.

The Boy Next Door actress has nothing but praise for Tracy.

“She understands a woman’s body,” Jennifer said. “She knows different muscle groups… firing off smaller muscle groups and getting them to work.”

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