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JLo: I want to be the best me

Jennifer Lopez says she treats every day like a marathon.

The 45-year-old singer rarely has an hour free, with a busy work life and her six-year-old twins Max and Emme.

And Jennifer said because of everything she has to cope with in a 24-hour period, she treats each day as a marathon.

“Yes, I’m an entertainer and I’m a dancer,” Jennifer said as she launched new lifestyle brand BodyLab in Santa Monica this week. “But ladies, we’re all athletes. We all have that in us. We do things for our men, our children, our families, our careers. What we have to do, it’s like a marathon daily. Every single day.”

BodyLab is a revolutionary brand which provides health and fitness formulas just for women.

And Jennifer said she was inspired to get involved with the company because she believes in empowering the female race.

“BodyLab, for me, is the latest manifestation of the passion I have to be the best me,” Jennifer said at the launch, according to Radar Online.

“We have to learn to be okay with doing things for ourselves too. We give and we give and we give, but we have to give ourselves so we can be great for others. And BodyLab is about empowering, encouraging, enabling, and educating women to love their bodies, to be strong, to be confident, to be the best and happiest versions of themselves.”

Jennifer is famous for her rock hard abs and svelte physique.

But the stunning star admits she wasn’t always so aware of her diet.

“Growing up in the Bronx, I grew up on a diet of delicious, but not so healthy food,” Jennifer said. “I love the flavours and the tradition, but I was definitely not educated, as all of the people I grew up with, on the health implications of what I was eating. I began to learn more about nutrition. And now I want to share some of that knowledge!”

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