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JLo: JLove is so me

Jennifer Lopez has explained the inspiration behind her 20th fragrance, JLove.

The superstar singer will release her 20th scent in October in US chain store Kohl's.

Jennifer says the driving force behind her latest perfume is love.

“With number 20, it’s a landmark,” she said to WWD “I asked myself, ‘Who am I and what do I encompass?’ My message has always been love, whether it’s my music or my movies or whatever. It’s such a big part of who I am. We decided to call it JLove for that very reason; because it encompasses everything about me in one simple little word.”

Jennifer is widely credited for starting the celebrity fragrance market. In 2002 her scent Glow sold so well, that in its first year it made approximately $100 million.

“When I did my first fragrance, Glow, I didn’t really think much beyond making it the best, most beautiful fragrance ever created,” Jennifer explained. “We did beautiful things with that fragrance, and I fell in love with the business. [My fragrance licensee, Coty] have been one of my greatest partners as far as business goes, and I think it’s because we understand each other. They understand my brand and they understand who I am. They’ve let me creatively drive what the product is going to become eventually. They’ve really let it come from me, and then they take it to the next level. I think that’s what a great partnership is - understanding each other and letting everybody use their strengths.”

Jlove is described as a fruity smelling concoction. It includes top notes of white raspberry, frozen pineapple and pink grapefruit. Linking her 20th fragrance to the others is Jennifer's one constant, a musk base that is included in all her perfumes.

“With every fragrance [I do] it’s different,” Jennifer added. “Sometimes I’ll have an idea and be all, ‘Oh, I love this, the way a plant in my backyard smells and how the woods smell, after it’s been raining,’ and I’ll give them those types of ideas. With this one, we created a scent that’s glamorous and kind of sexy at the same time. I always want to put a musk base on it, because I feel like it gives such a nice sexiness at the bottom, no matter how fruity it gets at the top.”

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