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JLo: Women age well

Jennifer Lopez believes women only get better with age.

The 45-year-old actress-and-singer strips off in her new movie The Boy Next Door, in which her character Claire has a one night stand with her younger neighbour. Although many would worry about flashing the flesh on the big screen, Jennifer found a way to deal with the prospect.

"I try to keep myself in shape in general, but when you know you're going to be on screen, you are like, 'OK, I'd better be working out, I'd better be eating right,'" she laughed to British magazine Hello!

"But I think women now are realising that we're at our best as we get older. Before, the thought was that you're at your best in your 20s and after that it's all downhill. But it's not."

Jennifer has been through a lot over the years, including being married three times and giving birth to twins nearly seven years ago. She's single at the moment and is taking some times to get to know herself.

It's something she'd encourage all women to do, as she's finally started to realise how much she likes herself - and how confident she is about her body.

"We're more interesting and more self-assured than we were even ten years ago and there's something very sexy and attractive about that, to all men. I've always felt kind of sexy, but I feel I like myself now. I know myself better and if that means feeling sexier, then yes, I do," she said.

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